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is the leading supplier of tools and machines for mechanically improving the surfaces of metal components. In close cooperation with our customers, demand-oriented tools and machines for Burnishing and Deep Rolling as well as Processing Cylinders are designed, manufactured and marketed throughout the world.



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Hartmetall Estech

The focus of our work, the high demands and requirements of our customers. We want to be not only a supplier, but a partner and in all areas where good carbide is the better solution. Our extensive production program covers all needs in all application areas from optimal. Our principle: for each operation, the best carbide. The only way we can guarantee the best result in every case.



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HI produces a wide variety of high quality broaches in order to meet the process needs, quality and productivity of its customers. State-of-the-art equipment for manufacturing and quality control, besides a competent engineering for project and process development, empowers HI as one of the most advanced and up-to-date tool vendors. Relying on all types of High Speed Steel Broaches. In addition to its own heat treatment, HI provides tools with special coatings to meet the most severe machining conditions.




is a Spanish family enterprise founded in 1942. JEM is specialized in the production and distribution of Cold Forming Tools and Machinery for the Metallurgical Industry in general, and the Automotive Industry in particular. JEM Exports over 70% of turnover to countries on 5 continents.


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was founded in 1922. The factories are located in DE-Solingen and PL-Nysa. They have over 1500 custom made blades that were designed by customers/engineers and experienced in Consult-ing/Engineering based on decades of expertise in this field.



has over 50 years of experience and has developed by incorporating the latest technologies in the machine-tool market. They are specialist in manufacturing of:

– Angle Heads – Spindle Speeders – Multispindle Heads



is an industrial group, its mission is to design, produce and sell Cutting Tools, as well as associated products and services designed for a wide range of purposes, from professional manufacturing and maintenance, to handy work and DIY.



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has been projecting and manufacturing metal degreasing machines for industrial purposes for more than 40 years. We offer our customers a long experience and the highest technology not only in water based cleaning equipment, but also in chlorinated solvents or newly developed solvents.



The beginning of the young enterprise, which was founded in the year 1970. Fässler Gear Honing and Hard Broaching Machines are for nearly 40 years manufactured in Switzerland. Because of its economical feasibility, Gear Honing has become an essential part in the production of high-speed transmissions.



over an area of thirty thousand (30.000) square meters, of which ten thousand (10.000) places, and has modern machines of medium-large, including the most big Grinding Machines for flat surface in Europe, to produce any kind of heavy duty Turning Lathes and Deep Drilling / Boring Machines.



manufactures the widest range of permanent marking systems available in the market along with data matrix readers, verifiers and traceability solutions. We develop, design and manufacture 6 permanent marking technologies for direct part marking or data plate marking (tag marking).



Since the company’s foundation in 1946, it has grown from a small blacksmith’s workshop to an excellent center of metal-treatment. Our customers benefit particularly from the unique synergy, resulting from the close cooperation between RÜBIG Aluminum, Plant Engineering, Heat Treat-ment and Die Forge.



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With more than 20 years experience, Finrod is able to provide any kind of industrial products (such as standard / special machinery & Spare Parts) for different production lines through reliable global suppliers. For any further information and details, please visit:


Meanwhile, we are in contact with MINELCO (as European leading supplier of natural substances for Foundry Ind.) through Finrod.


UAE Dealers

We are providing our clients in Persian Gulf region with the products of the below mentioned suppliers through Dubai.

Tungaloy: www.tungaloy.co.jp/in

Fubri: www.fubri.it

They are collaborating with us through our dealers in Dubai, to supply a part of products through our principals and deliver them to our clients via Dubai without any limitation.