We take this opportunity to introduce our company and present some information regarding the range of our activity and position in Iran ‘s market.

“TAMIN Co.” is an engineering trading company. We are widely involved in the business of supplying Machinery, Cutting Tools and Spare Parts for various industries, (especially Automotive and Energy) through reliable European suppliers – mainly on exclusive and sole agency basis.

We have established close working relationship with many Iranian industrial companies (both large and small) since 1991.  With over 20 years experience, our sales team are professional and fully trained in the field of Machinery & Tooling Engineering and the marketing of such products. Our office is located in Tehran , fully equipped with modern technology and facilities.

We are at present co-operating with a number of select overseas companies as their exclusive sole representative or distributor in Iran  – please see Tool Suppliers and Machinery Suppliers at Main products heading.

Using our expertise and broad based industrial knowledge, we perform our activities with a great deal of care and attention and are recognized to be the one of the most reliable, accurate and prompt trading and servicing organization. Meaning, we are successful and feel quite sure to be able to assist you in Iran due to our years of experience and full knowledge of the market.

For your information, our main working frame is on EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT basis. We prefer this manner of activity, to avoid competing against other trading companies and support our clients without any interference.

We welcome your enquiries for any industrial requirement that you may have covering: Machinery, Tooling, Spare Parts, Ancillary Equipments and Materials. We also welcome any proposal for creating business relationship as a new principal, to promote other kinds of industrial products in Iran with highest possible efficiency. No doubt we can establish a mutual reliability in between for long lasting fruitful business cooperation.